Team Building Challenge

Cappanalea NCOET offers the perfect environment for group learning, be it students or adults. The outdoors and adventure activities offer great potential when delivered with a depth of experience. The outdoor environment challenges people to be creative and makes them aware of their (hidden) talents. At Cappanalea we use Outdoor Development Programmes as powerful learning tools.

Teams are put into outdoor situations, where tasks are real, and failure and success bring real consequences. Working in different and unfamiliar or new environments has proven to highlight patterns of behaviour, which might otherwise pass unnoticed in a more conventional environment. Participants can practice teamwork and leadership, try out different ways of operating and behaving, while getting immediate feedback from facilitators and peers.

We work with you to tailor a Challenge that will benefit your Team and meet your needs. The Cappanalea staff and instructors are highly qualified and motivated to make sure the programmes meet the objectives of your company. The large variety of activities, combined with the informal and relaxed atmosphere, will generate an enjoyable learning experience. In the safe arena of Cappanalea NCOET, teams can really be tested, since any failures from this experimentation will have no direct consequences financially or otherwise back in the real world. The tasks are challenging, but certainly not designed to put anyone in danger. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can complete the exercises.

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