Outdoor Challenge

The Cappanalea NCOET Outdoor Challenge aims to challenge students in the areas of problem solving, teamwork and using their own initiative in an outdoor setting.

This course is offered as a two and a half day or a five-day residential programme. The course is usually based in Cappanalea NCOET but can be adapted for other locations.

The initial days of the course are set aside to instruct students in the various outdoor skills. These new skills will be required by the students to complete the Challenge Exercise which they will tackle on the final day(s) of the Course. This course is a step beyond the basic introduction to adventure sports.

The Objectives are :

  •  To enhance the student’s awareness of the outdoor environment through healthy outdoor activity.
  •  To develop the student’s knowledge of themselves, by placing them in situations where they must use their initiative while working in a group situation.
  •  To develop a greater understanding of others by working with them closely in order to achieve a common goal.
  •  Be Educated while having Fun.


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