Outdoor Activity Instructor Traineeship

Cappanalea is the National Centre for Outdoor Education & Training (NCOET) which is run under the auspices of The Kerry Education and Training Board.   Cappanalea NCOET focuses on personal development through the medium of enjoyable adventure and outdoor activities.  The highly qualified instructors offer programmes which include a full range of adventure sports and field study for everyone.

Once a year there is an opportunity to sign up for one of the popular Outdoor Activity Instructor Traineeship Programmes.  These are nine month fulltime training courses aim to provide applicants with the skills and knowledge required to be able to work as Instructors in an outdoor environment. All trainees receive the tuition and supports they need to prepare them for the final assessments. There are two programmes available:- Outdoor Instructorship Trainee programme for beginners and a level 6 advanced programme.

These courses runs for 45 weeks.  Each programme includes an 8-week work placement module, where trainees will experience on the job training and gain from the experience and expertise in the network of adventure activity / education providers around the country.

The modules covered are delivered by our expert and experienced staff include, Rock Climbing, River and Sea Kayaking, Canoeing; Trail Cycle Leader; Lowland Leader; Power Boat Handling, Mountain Skills and Mountain Leadership, Orienteering; First Aid and Manual Handling. Trainees will also have some hours in the class room; however most of the training is practical. Full details included in course brochure.

If a candidate is successful on completing and passing all assessments they will receive a Kerry ETB Industry Certificate or a Level 6 Certificate and the Advanced Outdoor Activity Instructor Traineeship.  For anyone interested in pursuing a career in Outdoor Activities these courses have all the requirements needed to get you established in the Outdoor Activities sector.

Contact either Cappanalea NCOET, Kerry ETB or the Local Employment office for details.  Enrolment takes place in July, interviews are held in June/July so be sure to make contact by June to be to be included in the recruitment process.

See Traineeship Brochure