Reengaging with Nature

One of our new courses at Cappanalea NCOET is "Reengaging with Nature".  This is a day long experience developed to bring you back into the heart of nature, to immerse your senses in the wonders of the natural world around us.

Modern living can leave us out of touch with nature, we are often surrounded by concrete and technology; we need to take a break from these and go back to our roots, back to our beginnings, back to the living world.

“When you are intimately connected to the forest through all five of your senses, you feel restored and refreshed.” Dr Qing Li, Shinrin - Yoku


During the day you will encounter each of the four elements of nature : Earth; Water; Air and Fire.  There you will be invited to integrate each of your five senses to enhance the experience. The day begins with Air - a walk through the hills exposing us to the wilds of the wind and the sky.  We will journey down from the hills to get some lunch.  There we will experience the next of the elements, Fire.  This will be incorporated by building a small fire to make a quick cuppa while we enjoy our lunch (not provided).  After lunch we move onto lake for a lively and fun experiences to embrace the often playful element of Water. The day finishes up by giving thanks through the element of Earth, a creative and calming session the finish the day.

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