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Outdoor Courses

Cappanalea Events and Activities ProgrammesCappanalea OEC runs a huge variety of specific courses and programmes both on a residential and non-residential basis. The Centre can adapt its programmes to suit any location or group as required.  However, it's hard to beat our own facilities and location. At the planning stage our staff work out the details with you and make sure that the programme meets all your objectives and expectations.

Cappanalea OEC has pioneered a complete range of programmes and courses, targeted to varying sectors, schools; youth groups; scouting / guiding groups and adults.  In all our programmes we use the most qualified instructors; best locations and top quality equipment to deliver a memorable and rewarding outdoor experience.

The most popular school programme for post primary schools is the Explore Course and at primary school level year after year school tours continue to choose Cappanalea OEC because of the enjoyment and value which they recieve.

Check out the list of programmes on the side menu or contact the Centre directly with any queries or if you wish to make a booking.  You can contact Cappanalea at 00 353 669769244 or by email at info@cappanalea.ie

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