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Cappanalea OEC is pleased to launch its new merchandise of hoodies, t-shirts and baseball hats. 

The hoodies come in a range of colours and sizes from youth to adult sizes .  The colours include; green, navy, black, grey, purple and blue.  The front of the hoodie carries the Cappanalea logo which is embroidered and the back has the phrase ' Never let an Adventure pass you by' as well as the Cappanalea website address.

  Cappanalea Hoodie Cappanalea Hoodie 
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The t-shirts come in two different styles.  The first style t-shirt is similar to the front of the hoodies and the second has activity characters of climbing; windsurfing and hillwalking.  The colours available in the t-shirts are; green, blue, navy, red, pink, and grey.  The t-shirts carry the catch phase like the hoodies on the back.

cappanalea tshirt 
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The cost for the Hoodie is €25 Adult sizes (€18 for children / junior sizes)
The cost for the t-shirt is €12
The cost of a Cappanalea baseball hat €10

Allow €2.50 for Postage if purchasing online

You can buy any of these online or at the Centre,  Please specify colour and size of product rerquired. 

Cappanalea OEC's secure online Paypal address is :- 


To make a payment click on the link below and follow the online Paypal instructions for Send Money Online under the Personal - Send Money option. 


If you have any queries regarding making a payment to Cappanalea OEC contact the Centre at 00 353 66 9769244