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Oulagh West, Caragh Lake, Co.Kerry
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Cappanalea Events and Activities Gallery

Cappanalea OEC is within easy reach of all major towns in Kerry, particularly Tralee and Killarney which are served with the national rail network. Kerry International Airport in Farranfore is within close proximity to the Centre and caters for both national and international visitors. The nearest town to Cappanalea is Killorglin which is eleven kilometres away. From Killorglin follow the signposts to Cappanalea OEC.

On reaching Killorglin from either the Tralee or Killarney roads, cross over the bridge at the foot of town.

Turn left at the Bianconi Inn - which is at the first crossroads you reach after crossing the river.

Continue out this road parallel to the river for just over 1 kilometre towards Beaufort, until you reach a turnoff to the right.

At this junction take the road off to the right and follow this road for less than 1.5 kilometres passing one intersection and reaching a second crossroad.

At the second crossroads turn off to the right onto a minor road and follow straight along this road for over 2.5 kilometres until you reach a "Y" junction.

At this "Y" junction follow the road uphill to the left and continue along for a further 4.5 kilometres. Ignore the first road junction met with the turnoff heading down to the right.

On reaching the second junction, turnoff to the right and follow this road, between the two lakes, for just over 1 kilometre down into the Cappanalea Valley to the Centre.

If more details are required contact Cappanalea OEC at 00 353 66 9769244