Welcome to CAPPANALEA Outdoor Education Centre

Oulagh West, Caragh Lake, Co.Kerry
 Tel: + 353 66 9769244    Fax: + 353 66 9769266    Email: info@cappanalea.ie           

Cappanalea OEC Facilities

cappanalea canteenLounge Cappanalea

The original centre was built in 1981 to serve our needs then but since then we have expanded dramatically. Our modern centre was opened in 2003 and provides a comfortable, warm and pleasant environment as a base for all our outdoor activities.

We can accommodate 52 students in our ensuite dormitories of four or six as well as rooms to accommodate four teachers.

Our large lounge gets the sun from the south in the evening time and has decking which overlooks Cappanalea Lake and the hillside around, allows plenty of people to relax comfortably in the evenings.
The Canteen is quite large a easily provides for everyone's needs.
Our meeting room is ideal for small or large groups, with balcony overlooking the hillside and Corrán Tuathail on a good day.

The drying room will have all your wet gear dry (or close to) for the next days activities.


All our equipment is well maintained and satisfies all required safety standards.