Welcome to CAPPANALEA Outdoor Education Centre

Oulagh West, Caragh Lake, Co.Kerry
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Cappanalea  OEC

Cappanalea is a Public Outdoor Education Centre (OEC) run under the auspices of Kerry Education and Training Board.  The Centre focuses on personal development through the medium of adventure sports. The highly qualified instructors offer programmes which include the full range of adventure sports and field study activities.  All of our programmes make students aware of and develop their often hidden talents and skills. We also teach them about team building and focus on how an individual can make their contribution to the effectiveness of a team. In our programmes we use adventure education and outdoor / wilderness experiences to enhance the learning outcomes.

We also run adventure sports programmesCappanalea OEC which are open to the general public.  We offer opportunities to participate in and develop skills in most of the adventure sporting activities.  Individuals or groups can book in on these courses whether it's for the enjoyment of healthy outdoor activities or if they are training for professional qualifications.

Depending on the abilities of the students we run our programmes on either introductory or more advanced levels of proficiency.  We are aware that each group (or individual) has different needs and learning objectives. Whether you're young or not so young, able or less able, fit or otherwise, by yourself or with a group: Cappanalea can cater for you.

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