Welcome to CAPPANALEA Outdoor Education Centre

Oulagh West, Caragh Lake, Co.Kerry
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What to bring                

Not used to the great outdoors and not sure what to bring. We are a very well stocked centre but there are certainly a few things that you can bring yourself to make your life a bit more comfortable.
  • Old Warm clothing: Old is an important word here. Its quite possible you may get just a little bit of mud on your clothes.  Tracksuits and fleece are always a goob bet. They will keep you much warmer than jeans and other heavy natural fibers and they dry out quickly too.
  • Swimming togs: Or at least something you don't mind getting wet. We will provide wetsuits but its always nicer for you if you have a long sleaved top to wear underneath as this keeps you a little warmer. A towel is also handy for when we get off the water.
  • Heavy socks: Lots of socks. Nothing nicer than putting on a nice warm dry pair.
  • Footwear: If possible, a pair of sturdy walking boots are ideal to bring. If you don’t have any, a pair of runners is fine. A pair of wellingtons work too if you don't have boots. Best to bring two pairs of runners – an old pair for water-based activities and one to keep dry. Also, open-toe shoes are not appropriate for our activities.
  • Waterproof Jacket and Trousers: Unfortunatley the Irish weather isn't very dependable so something to keep you dry is very useful. We have a supply of jackets and waterproof trousers here but your own may be a bit more comfortable.
  • Woolly Hat and Gloves: You may not use these, but you will be delighted that you brought them if it gets a bit cold outside.
  • Evening Time: You will need a change of dry clothes and shoes for the evening time.
  • Plastic Bags: As you may have a lot of wet gear at the end of your stay, it is best to bring spare plastic bags to put this gear in when you are packing to go home.
  • Insect Repellent and Sunscreen: Two must have items - especially if you are visiting us during the summer months.
  • Other items: Torch, batteries, Flask
  • Sleeping bag: Required for all courses which involve camping - including EXPLORE Course.