Corporate Outdoor Opportunities

The outdoors and adventure activities at Cappanalea OETC offer great potential to the corporate sector.  Whether you want a active, fun weekend for your staff where they share the experiences of engaging in a varied programme of outdoor activity, or if you want to focus on team building within your organisation Cappanalea provides the complete suite of courses to suit your needs.  Staff performances can be rewarded or conferences in Killarney can be livened up with the inclusion of outdoor adventure sports on site.  Check out the options below to see what Cappanalea OETC can offer your organisation.

Cappanalea OETC  can cater for  whatever Adventure Activities are of  interest you in the wilderness of Kerry.   The Centre  can provide a taster and introductory sessions  in all our outdoor activities.   We can offer a range of activities on a day course where staff can choose which activity suits their particular preferences.  Furthermore the  qualified instructors can  meet you for a days activity in many locations around Kerry.   Whether you are looking for a guide into the McGillycuddy Reeks or a day’s open canoeing on the Lakes of Killarney, hopefully spotting a Sea Eagle or two along the way, Cappanalea can cater for your organisation.

On a Multi Activity Weekend six activities are offered and individuals choose four of them and spend a half day at each around Cappanalea OETC (Introductory), or on an intermediate multi-activity course the same six activities are offered and individuals choose two of them and spend a day at each activity.  Organisations can book out a full multi activity weekend for their staff or individuals from an organisation can book in on an open weekend and meet up with other like minded people who wish to enjoy a healthy weekend of fun and adventure.

The activities offered are Orienteering; Rock Climbing/Abseiling; Hillwalking; Canoeing; Kayaking and Windsurfing.

The next Multi-Activity Weekend takes place on 26th – 28th September 2014.

What exactly do our Team Building Courses Offer?

  1. Real Experience – the outdoors is an environment where tasks are real, and failure and success bring real consequences.  Intelligent task design means that specific issues can be highlighted in a fresh and new environment.  Participants can practice teamwork and leadership, try out different ways of operating and behaving, and get immediate feedback from facilitators and peers.
  2. Different Environment – Cappanalea OETC offers the perfect environment for group learning.  Working in different and unfamiliar or new environment highlights patterns of behaviour, which might otherwise pass unnoticed in a more conventional environment.
  3. Safety – Cappanalea OETC offers a safe arena in which you can really be tested, since any failures resulting from this experimentation will have no direct consequences financially or otherwise back in the real world.  The tasks are not designed to put anyone in danger, anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will have no difficulty in completing the exercises.
  4. Fun – the variety of activities available, along with the informal and relaxed atmosphere generated at Cappanalea OEC can combine to generate an enjoyable learning experience.
  5. Qualified Staff – Cappanalea OETC has highly qualified and motivated staff and instructors.  For some our programmes we call on the expertise of experienced facilitators in the field of Outdoor Development programmes.
  6. State of the art Facilities – Cappanalea OETC offers accommodation in our newly purpose built centre, with centrally heated rooms.  You can choose between four bedded or six bedded rooms all of, which are ensuite with, shower and separate washroom.  We provide good home cooked food, with special considerations for vegetarians and any particular tastes and requirements.

Facilities available in our Centre include:

  • Meeting room – ideal for small or large groups, with balcony overlooking the hillside and Carraunthooil on a good day.
  • Library – ideal room to get away and relax with a good book, the library itself has a wide selection of books kindly donated by the Michael Darmody Family.
  • Lounge room – this room gets the sun from the south in the evening time and has decking which overlooks Cappanalea Lake and the hillside around.
  • Drying room – with under floor heating.


 Team Building Programmes

Our Outdoor Development Programmes can be run on a residential or non residential basis.  We can work from our site in Cappanalea or work from a location of your choice or from a hotel in the Killarney area.   We can adapt our programmes to suit any location and tailor them to match the specific training needs of your organisation.

The cost for each programme depends on: –

  1. The number of participants
  2. The accommodation requirements (if a residential programme)
  3. The level of facilitation required
  4. The location.


SAMPLE PROGRAMME (non-residential)

One Day Programme (location Cappanalea OEC)


10:00 – 10:30   Arrive / Briefing

10:30 – 13:00  Stage 1 – Communications

13:00 – 14:00  Lunch

14:00 – 15:00  De-brief Stage 1

15:00 – 16:30  Stage 2 – Teamwork

16:30 – 17:30  De-brief Stage 2

17:30 – 18:00   Draw up an action plan for future


Cappanalea OETC has a proven track record in providing bespoke outdoor courses to cater for the requests from organisations.  Whether is a 100 Peaks Challenge;  Summit to Sea Adventures or Gastronomic Canoe Tours the qualified staff at Cappanalea can make it happen.  Float your ideas and see how we can work with you to deliver on them.   No bespoke course is too big nor to small; too tame or too extreme for Cappanalea OETC.

Contact us now with your ideas ………….

If your organisation is hosting a conference in Kerry, consider building a day’s or half day’s outdoor activity into the schedule.  We provide an alternate option to golf; tours of the Ring of Kerry which include Rock Climbing in the Gap of Dunloe; Canoeing on the Lakes of Killarney; Fiels Studies or Ecological Tours; Kayaking on the River Laune; Hillwalking or Scrambling in the Reeks or Dinghy sailing on Caragh Lake.

If you are a conference organiser or incentive travel agent contact Cappanalea to see what new dimensions we can bring to your range of offers.