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Rás na Ríochta - Adventure Racing Kerry

  Rás na Ríochta 2014 -CANCELLED


Adventure Racing Kerry

Cappanalea OEC in Kerry, is organising Rás na Ríochta Adventure race.  This adventure race is taking place on Saturday 19th July 2014.  This is a three discipline race consisting of Mountain Biking, Hill-Running and Canoeing.


Cappanalea is running three races: Rás na Ríochta and Rás na Ríochta sport and Rás na Ríochta Road.  The sport version will have exactly the same disciplines but over a shorter distance.  Rás na Ríochta Road will include the Canoeing; Hill Run and Biking on the road.


Course Distance

Rás na Ríochta
Total route distance: 47km
Total height gain: 1800m

Stage 1 - Mountain Biking: 23km
Stage 2 - Hillrunning: 17km
Stage 3 - Canoeing: 3.5km
Stage 4 - Shoreline Trek: 0.5km

Rás na Ríochta Sport
Total route distance: 24km
Total height gain: 1100m

Stage 1 - Mountain Biking: 8.5km
Stage 2 - Hillrunning: 11km
Stage 3 - Canoeing: 3.5km
Stage 4 - Shoreline Trek: 0.5km

Rás na Ríochta Road
Total route distance: 35.5 km
Total height gain: 1170m

Stage 1 - Canoeing: 3.5km  
Stage 2 - Hillrunning: 11km
Stage 3 - Biking: 21 km   


Each person who enters will recieve a goodie bag and a technical t-shirt.  There will be prizes for the first competitors to complete each race. 

Registration closes on the Wednesday 16th July at 5pm

For further information contact the Centre (066) 9769244 or info@cappanalea.ie .  Limited accomodation available in the centre.